Tuesday, January 24, 2006

a great weekend

i had a lovely weekend. very relaxing. which does not happen often so i was happy about that. it was also just great to get together with friends ( i tend to be kind of obsessive about these things and i like all people i like to be in one space at one time).

we had a party at my house (people reading this blog expecting me to make some grand statements about Sri Lanka must be sorely disappointed since i dont and will not be doing so...also sounds like i party a lot. that is true. i like to enjoy myelf and not be a martyr to a cause and the fact that i am away from everything i know and love is reason enough for me to find reasons to be happy...don't i sound super defensive).
so, yes, the party. it was great. made turkey, had people over, later had more people over, gave the birthday boy some birthday bumps which while i was growing up in pakistan i thought was a paki thing but i guess like almost everything else, we inherited it from the brits.
was told by bill that he doesnt like to read my blog since i dont use capital letters and that pisses him off but since he is a grumpy old fart, im not paying attention to him.

Just for Bill, I will start using proper writing. I am just so used to word doing it for me that I no longer bother. Probably a good idea to get myself in the habit of doing so. For what purpose, I am not entirely sure, but it is do-able.

The photo by the way, is of me and Vero right after all the girls of ampara had given Patrick his birthday bumps. He doesn't look heavy but is. Somehow Emma managed to smoke a cig while giving him bumps and I am still unclear on hw she managed that feat but i supposed when the nicotine monster calls, you answer. She did mention that she was afraid that she might have burnt Patrick's butt but since we have no complaints, I suppose his ass is just fine.

My computer is being annoying and will not keep charging. I have to plug and un plug it every once in a while to get it to charge. This must be the downward spiral of my lap top. Need to be careful to keep backing my stuff up every day...which is not something I am good about.

Instead of writing since my brain really is no longer working today, will just post photos and more photos. It is more fun that way. When it works.

Actually, no photos at all today since it has decided to be bad and not work. Later then.


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