Thursday, January 26, 2006

garr garrr

This is a photo that my elder sister sent us a long time ago (2003) when she was in india. She was bored and lonely and went around her house taking photos of this blue disney character....I think the name of this character is Lilo...or Stitch, but we call him (we gave it a gender, it's a boy!), garr garr. I don't know why we do, but we do. So, this is one of my all time favorite photos and it is of Garr Garr writing my sister's dissertation for her. Which is still not written but we don't talk about it or mention the D word in her presence.

My sister (her name is Uzma but I call her Appie which means elder sister. Saying Uzma sounds funny to me), anyhow, Appie also sent a picture of Garr Garr with a surgical mask on since SARS had just come out onto the scene at that time. That was hysterical as well. I guess you have to be related to me to get why all of this is funny. It's still a good photo.

The LTTE and the GoSL have decided to meet in Geneva. This is very good news. It means we can work in peace for a little bit longer. This past week with no movement restrictions was like seeing the lunch bell ring and everyone rushing out to get to the Field to work. It also means there might be some hope for peace on this island. I am an optimistic person and yes, peace is all good and stuff but there is a deep rooted racism in this country that needs to go and that will not happen for a while. I know it is a process and a step by step one at that, but it makes me angry. They are all bloody brown people and why can't we all just get along? Same reason that my parents had to leave India when they were babies. Same reason we had to leave Pakistan.

I hope to never get to the point where I feel completely powerless to change the world I live in. Even if it is a small teeny tiny, itty bitty, eensy weensy part of it, which it will be, I can change something.

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Saks said...

ohmigod.. its stich not lilo! lilo is the little hawaiian girl in teh cartoon. and we call him garr garr cause thats all he does or says.. in my interpretation :) hehhehe anyway glad to see you were having fun pre-tree at least. hope u're good about resting. muah!