Monday, January 09, 2006

Back to work

It's monday and unlike most people, i actually like mondays. i dont like wednesdays though.
i have a cold and that is not conducive to work. neither is just coming back from holiday. i say that like a british person. the american in me should say vacation. i am being slowly conditioned by the brits that i work with. it goes both ways but i seem to be more spongy than they are. it's a little easier to soak in british-isms rather than american-isms, i think. i'd still rather be the dick van dyke character in Mary Poppins than some weirdo red neck in say, kentucky.

I am supposed to fill in this space with interesting little anecdotes like my friends do from all over the world about the cute koala bear they went hiking with or the sherpa they met in a nepali cafe in uganda, but i really can't be fucked to do so at the moment. where do people get energy to do stuff like that? i mean, really. plus, the most interesting thing besides my work (which is only interesting if you really like coordinating people and are trying to hide that you are a control freak by pretending to delegate responsibility and the everyday struggle of this) would be the monkeys of all sizes that destroy the pipes in my house or the elephants by the temple that once in a while, just to keep one hoping, come near their watering hole.

I will probably, some day come back and delete all these posts and pretend like it never happened. i do denial well. i inherited that. but we dont talk about it.

i have dial up so i just figured out that trying to post pictures for me is near impossible. i'll keep trying though and talk about ficticious photos that none of you will ever get to see.

like this one of me that should show up on the top right hand corner, naked.



Billy said...

You are learning to speak proper English, as you should. I know far more Americanisms than you know proper English because Hollywood has infected me. Unlike you though, I know they are the wrong use of our language, so I don't use them. On the other hand, you, being sponge like, are using English English, 'cause secretly you know we're right. Ha Ha, as Nelson would say.

southern pride said...

ain't nuthin' wrong with kentucky girl. you got kiran and me straight outta the carolinas and you go mouthin' off about some guy in a penguin suit? tch tch tch.